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    Dear Diary,

       In the recent past, many people, specifically the serfs and religious minorities have questioned my level of authoritarianism as the Empress of Russia. I feel that they are needlessly complaining and will never be content. The second I give them something, they find something else to ask for or complain about. Muslims have been given complete religious tolerance in the empire, and some have even acquired high positions within the government. I have even set up schools so that the nomadic groups of Muslims in the interior of the country could settle down, but they want nothing of it. I have refrained from persecuting the Jews like many rulers before me, and set up a completely different set of laws for them. As an incentive to convert I have imposed heavy taxes on them. They may claim that this is cruel and unfair, but in the end it really helps them more than it hurts them. If they convert, not only do they have to pay less taxes, but they are also a part of the one true religion. I have also changed the lives of serfs and the laws that apply toward them in their favor, but they still complain. The nobles and the state  still technically own their serfs, but the serfs have been given more freedoms than before my husband Peter. Now, only nobles can own serfs. This reduces the number of serfs in the country. Also, state owned serfs are treated much better than their noble-owned counterparts. I have even allowed the serfs a right to complain about their nobles, under the condition that they do not directly complain to me. I have also opened many universities and schools which the average person can attend, allowing more people access to an education. Even the serfs (with their master's permission) can attend these universities. I have also set up a university specifically for women to increase the number of educated and powerful women. I consider myself to be a very liberal and non oppressive leader, but many do not see my side. It's like they have forgotten what it was like under the harsh and rigid rule of the Emperors before my husband Peter and before myself. Hopefully these people will be content one day, but I doubt it will be in my lifetime or by my hand. It is late out, and I have to wake up early tomorrow as usual.