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My conversion

Dear Diary,
          While I am a very observant Protestant, I feel that I need to convert to the Russian Orthodox faith in order to feel accepted by the Russian people.  Without this conversion, I will not be able to gain power and successfully rule.  While my husband and I do not get along well, this will hopefully help heal some wounds between us.
My regards,

Type of Rule

Dear Diary, 

Although mother introduced me to the Lutheran Church as a child, I felt "connected" to the Russian Orthodox faith when I married my lovely Prince Peter. How convenient it is that I converted because now that he has passed away, I can be the Empress! As a moderate monarch, I plan to be one of the greatest reformers of Russia. I know I can accomplish a lot like the strong and powerful woman I am. Some say my domestic and foreign policies are too far-fetched, but I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when I accomplish everything! The first few years of my reign, I reckon it will be a good idea to direct my power towards strengthening my position. Russia will emerge into the great world of politics as a stronger nation because of my reforms! Russia's economic strength will be greatly enhanced. I will surely be remembered forever as a great leader. 


Dear Diary, 

I feel as if my reign is almost over, I have tried my best but no matter what I do, I get criticized and terrible things result from everything I do these days.  My people want me to abolish serfdom, once I refused something terrible happened. Pugachev, that pretender to the Russian throne, revolted against me with the peasants, they were all sick of the peasant slavery and he started a rebellion. Many people died during this war, the rebellion spread all over East-European Russia and moved towards Moscow. I was told that towns were destroyed, villages and manor houses went up in flames and innocent people died. If it weren’t for my loyal troops, I am afraid that I would have been over, luckily they captured Pugachev and ended the rebellion (brutally), they are now calling this, "Pugachev's Rebellion." Still, this is a huge historical mark that will affect all of my glorious accomplishments. I now need to maintain a stricter control on my people and prevent any further rebellions. To do this, I am introducing a new system of government, each province will be under the rule of a noble who will maintain law and order, and landlords MUST maintain a tighter control on their peasants. We can only wait and see what will happen. 


Dear Diary,
     Today my servant told me that some peasants think that I am not that great, of course it took all that I had to not to hunt them down and kill them. I don't understand why my inferiors criticize my every move, have they not realized how I took Russia from a poor uneducated country and introduced new reforms and increased its wealth? Under my rule, Russia is bigger than ever, no other King or Queen has ever accomplished that. Out of 50 provinces, I acquired 11 of them and built 114 new cities and towns, Russia has expanded from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea! One of my proudest accomplishments would be wiping Poland off the map, of course I had to share its territory with Prussia and Austria otherwise it would have resulted in a huge conflict, but it was worth it.
     The people of Russia seem to forget how modernized Russia has become under my rule. My new accurate censuses in each province tell us about Russia and the population and how my country is doing. Nevertheless, The population of Russia thinks that my newly built bridges and roads were a waste of money, but why are my people using them so much if they don't like them? Soon, because of the arts, Russia will (hopefully) acquire a reputation as center of civilization, that will show my critics. Once St. Petersburg is finished being rebuilt, it WILL be one of the world's most "dazzling" cities.
     Men, women and children would die everyday if it weren't for my doctors. Because of me, hospitals are all over Russia and at least one is in each province. No other ruler has established the first College of Medicine, but I have.
    Before me can you believe how underpopulated Russia was before my rule? People from all over the world are settling in my country because of my advertisements in foreign newspapers. Soon Russia will be a busy country with tons of people and they will all be thanking me even when I’m dead for preserving Russia from becoming an underpopulated nation. 



                    Readers Note:

This website is a virtual representation of the personal diary of Sophie Augusta Fredrika, better known as Catherine the Great. This has been carefully translated into English for everyone to read.

Before you read this you should know more about who you are reading:

Catherine the Great's Timeline:

1729- Catherine the Great was born

1745- Marries Peter III

1754- Gives birth to her son Paul

1762- Crowned 

1768- War with Turks

1772- First partition of Poland

1774- Russia defeats Turkey 

1775- Pugachev Rebellion

1787- Second Turkish war

1795- Catherine the Great dies